About Us
The Friends of Damper Creek Reserve has approximately 80 financial members, of these about half are active members with an average attendance of 20 people at working bees. The Friends produce a monthly newsletter "Damper Creek Doings", have monthly meetings on the 4th Wednesday of the month (in Alvie Hall, corner Alvie Road and High Street Road, Mt Waverley) followed by a working bee on the following Sunday.  Damper Creek Doings has a circulation of over 100 readers.

The Friends of Damper Creek celebrated its 50th anniversary on 30.10.2018.
On 26 .2.2020 Monash City Council designated Damper Creek Reserve (and Valley Reserve) as Conservation Reserves in recognition of their unique standing as highly valued remnant vegetation areas.

Other Friends Groups who are actively involved in protecting, maintaining and improving bushland reserves throughout urban areas of Melbourne, Australia can be found here: Other Groups

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 2063
Mt. Waverley
Vic 3149

We have prepared a brochure outlining the features of the reserve. Download a pdf version.


>>>>   NEXT  WORKING  BEE  -  <<<< 28 February 2021  >>>>> 

Meet at:    Park Road Carpark for registration    Prepare for social distancing                               

Our general meetings held in Alvie Hall are in hibernation due to covid19 until further notice , but our newsletter is still being published .
See  http://www.friendsofdampercreek.org.au/newsletter.html

Calendar 2021 (updated  14.2.21)

Programme for 2021

Meetings 7.30pm - 9 pm (Wed)
Venue - Alvie Hall
(Supper after)
Working Bee 10am - 12.30pm (Sun)
Meeting Place as indicated
24 Feb -  First Meeting of 2021  (Cancelled due to Covid ) 28 Feb 2021 -  No refreshments will be provided.  Bring your own gloves, and refreshments
24 Mar - TBA due to Covid-19
 Mar -  TBA due to Covid-19
28 Apr - TBA due to Covid-19 Apr -  TBA due to Covid-19
26 May - TBA due to Covid-19 May - TBA due to Covid-19
29 Jun  - TBA due to Covid-19 Jun -  Possible community planting day TBA due to Covid-19
26 Jul -   TBA due to Covid-19  July  - Transferred to Friends of Scotchmans Creek Planting day TBA due to Covid-19
25 Aug  - TBA due to Covid-19 1  Aug - Possible planting day .
22 Sep - TBA due to Covid-19 Sep - TBA due to Covid-19
27 Oct -  TBA due to Covid-19 Nov - TBA due to Covid-19
24 Nov - TBA due to Covid-19
 Nov - Christmas bbq end of Richard Rd